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Mage Sanda Obai Teledrama - Episode 80 - 30th August 2016


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Swarnavahini Mage Sanda Obai Teledrama - Episode 80 - 30th August 2016

Gopi is coming out with pooja ki thaali, meets Urmi on the way. Urmi again scolds her, Gopi to leaves for looking for Aham. Urmi sees that snake and is frightened and follows it. On the other hand Gopi sees Aham and calls him and Aham gets angry. Gopi tells him that Maan ji asked me to put chandla on ur forehead. Aham turns back but Urmi hits Gopi and pooja ki thaali falls down, with all the things on the floor and some on Aham\’s sherwaani too (this is agan Tam\’s idea…see Gopi spilled some thing on his sherwaani…now whats next….)and Kumkum flies till Aham\’s forehead (ho gaya Chandla…Shiv Ji supported Kanha Ji in this….thank u..) Aham is angry, Gopi is frightened and Urmi\’s eyes are ready to come out. Aham looks at Gopi angrily.
(Aham has to be angry yaar…Koki told to put small chandla and yaha to full forehead is covered with Kumkum….)

Aham keeps on looking at her,Gopi lowers her eyes. Aham goes to Gopi, grabs her arm, shouts at her that u Gawar Ladki, what u hv done, I had to go for a meeting..its already late (he is on his Rajdhaani Express on the way to blow Gopi away with his Loudspeaker…). Gopi stutters Ji Wo…Some one pushed (anything can be expected from this gal…stutters and her pick time is very slow….)…Aham shouts back Chup, u need not to tell lie, got it…raises his finger and says I told u na.. I dont want to see ur face…. (we know….she knows…but u dont know anything dumbo…let her speak first…..) and now I cant live with u under one roof and i\’ll tell these things in front of whole family and mom will be there too and leaves. Gopi is sad while Urmi is happy. Kinjal talking to herself abt blackmailer, sees one red car and suspects it to be the same in which she put money, goes to car and doubts the person in the car is umang, on the other hand Umang in that car sees Kinjal coming towards him, but b4 Kinjal reaches the car he moves the car. Leaves Kinjal in doubt whether he was Kinjal or not. Urmi is still looking for Snake, that snake man comes and informs her that the snake was poisonous, Urmi scolds him and asks him to return back money, he agrees but only once she will give back the snake. Aham is going some where and snake is shown moving somewhere also (isn\’t it look like two brothers are going to meet….jo kumbhke mele me bichhad gaye the…lol…so much importance on Snake and Aham same time……) Gopi following Aham, she sees snakes approaching Aham, screams Aham Ji, he is dead shocked to see snake near by him. Aham is abt to move back, but Gopi asks him to not to move back, to keep looking at snake and not to move also (hmmm..intelligent Gopi…knows so much abt Snakes….is it pichhle janam ka raaz…). All family members reaches there and stunned to see Aham and snake face off.


Gopi sits beside the snake, folds her hands (I was thinking….she will say…Naag Devta, Pati Ko chhodo bite me……), while all the family members are still in shock. She holds the snake from back and throws it away and reacts like its her daily work to play with snakes….Aham does look at her but next moment turns away. Koki runs towards her dikra asking him he is alright or not. (Aham is so stiff here in this scene why…cant say…) he does not look at Koki..he looks to Gopi and keeps on looking while Gopi lowering her eyes (M confused with this Tube light Aham\’s expressions….dint get his expressions in this scene…)Koki asks him to speak whether he is alright or not…he replies yes m ok..Koki thanks Lord Shiva that coz of him her Dikra is safe and sound (thanks to gopi dear…she saved ur tubelight…..). Hetal goes to Gopi and asks whether she is fine (At least some thought abt Poor Gal……) Gopi nods. Koki looks at the color on Aham\’s face and asks the reason and he had to go for some important meeting na, he replies Gopi spoiled my Kurta n now I cant go to office. Koki says no problem, lets go to home first change ur clothes and then go to office. Aham asks Jigar to postpone the meeting with Mehra\’s as he will be reaching there after changing. (his voice sounds so dullll and coming from some Well…..he is still in shock after Face Off Kya….)Jigar agrees, Rashi looks at him. Chirag+Jigar+Aham trio leaves. Koki looks at gopi. Urmi blabbering this Gopi is not a normal Gopi, she is from Krishna\’s the way Krishna made Kans\’s life hell, she is making mine. And she spoiled whole my plan. now I hv to do something for her (exactly…as Shri Krishna made Kans\’s life hell she will do the same to u….just w8 n watch…). Rashi comes to Urmi and asks the reason. Ketki comes and congrats
Koki saying Gopi saved her hubby\’s life just like Savitri saved Satyawaan\’s.
(Ye baat…..Gopi has saved Aham\’s life just as Savitri saved…biggest compliment…now hoping she will get all her Wishes completed just as Savitri got….)

Ketki continues that Gopi is brave but not Andhvishwashi. And if ur Bahu is like this then daughter must be good only (one more tubelight….how come Kinjal and Gopi are on same side…….). Koki replies I took care of both My DIL and Daughter and I want both to be perfect in everything what they do ( everyone is on a mission to to make me laugh…Kinjal to be perfect…plz hold me…..). Ketki says we will give u good news after consulting elder ones (ggod news for us also…take her with u soon……). All are happy. Koki and Hetal congrats each other. Urmi starts ranting that see Kinjal how lucky ur SIL\’s entry that u are also abt to marry soon, and that too in a family who is similar to Modi Family\’s raputation (how can she keep her mouth shut…I\’ll hv to use Feviquick..Chutki me chipkaye……). Koki spills water on Urmi\’s rant by saying Thakur ji should save u from eveil eyes. And asks Urmila to leave for her home as Jitu bhai must be w8ing for u and Prasad (buri nazar waale tera muh kala….). Then Koki calls Hetal/Gopi/Rashi and Kamla to leave (are taking attendance of kids going back to home from picninc..). Rashi is still with her mom, Koki asks her whether u are coming with u or u hv changed ur decision, Rashi leaves but keeps on looking towards Urmi, Urmi curses Koki but snake man comes and asks her to return its snake. Urmi calls him brother and says snake has gone some where, snake man threatens her to give what ever u hav otherwise i\’ll tell everyone that u hv stolen my Snake. He snatches her money and calls her chindi(Beggar…). Urmi is crying as now I cant go to home by auto and I hv to walk down only (plz walk down lil bit..its good for health..)


In MM hetal is describing the situation to Mani and tells abt Gopi\’s bravery that she saved Aham\’s life from that snake (lovely commentary…..). Rashi listening to the Repeat Telecast of Whole Snake Saga and is angry (ab main kya kahu is bechari k liye..). Hetal continues that today due to Gopi\’s intelligence and bravery Aham was saved( wo to hai…). Koki to agrees says but also some credit goes to my Scolding and Teachings to her, as its said na the bitter medicine cures earlier, and due to all this My Gopi Vahu succeeds in this much big Exam(Gopi has passed the exam but when ur Dikra will pass..plz give ur bitter medicine to ur dikra also…..), looking at Rashi, and also If u too will take interest in ur bahu then u\’ll feel proud on ur bahu too as u r feeling today for Gopi, I dont know when she will become right and due to her my gopi bahu always does mistakes


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